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The Royal Heirloom Rice of India



Raw Rice in Husk

Raw Rice in Husk

Close up of uncooked Ariven Imperial Rice

Cooked Ariven Rice

Cooked Ariven Rice

Ariven Imperial Rice is grown on unique black cotton soil derived from rocks rich in lime peculiar to the region where the soil is heavy, containing 60-80% of clay and silt and possesses low permeability and high water holding capacity. These soils, the humid weather, easterly winds, and the rivers that flow from the Western Ghats combined with the bright sunshine determine the unique taste and quality of Ariven Imperial Rice.   

Once forbidden to average citizens, we are now able to offer this exclusive rice to the West for the first time ever!


We are the importer, wholesaler, and retailer for this exclusive rice!


It gives us great pleasure to introduce Ariven Imperial Rice to the West.


This is India’s ancient, indigenous rice known for its delicious nutty taste, plump cooked grains and an exceedingly soft texture.


Around 1,500 years ago, during the rule of the Chera and Chola dynasties of Southern India, this rice was considered a royal food exclusive only to the royal family. Today, Ariven Imperial Rice can be a part of your household!


Ariven rice is the perfect solution for people who seek to add healthy grains to their diet but cannot tolerate the taste or digestibility of traditional whole grain rice varietals. The grains are light and filling... Easily digested by those with the most sensitive of stomachs. Ariven Rice also has fewer carbohydrates than many other rices, yet it remains an excellent source of energy and nutrition.


Arive Rice is kid-tested and approved! Children of all ages love the taste and soft, fluffy texture.


Cultivated without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers!

  • NON-GMO Heirloom Verified

  • Twice the time to grow and cook

  • Nutrient Dense

  • Kids love it!

  • Gluten-Free

  • Soft, Fluffy Texture

  • Easy to Digest

  • Rich Source of B-Vitamins


  • No Artificial Fertilizers

  • No Synthetic Pesticides

  • Masters of Taste Champion

  • Lightly Milled to Retain Some of the Nutritious Bran Layer

  • Supports  Global Sustainable Agriculture

  • Saves the Lives of old cattle


The purchase of Ariven Imperial Rice supports the Ariven Community, a California based not for profit organization with a vision for global sanctuaries for retired work animals and the creation of global sustainable farms.

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