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Community Partners


Ariven Planet believes in thinking globally and acting locally. We are proud to support local causes here in Los Angeles in addition to our causes in India. Take a look below to find out more.

Millie "MahaLakshmi" Mims is the founder of the non-profit New Life Society California. She tirelessly works to provide free food, shelter, nurturing and employment for persons experiencing urban proverty. She is in inspiration to us all and Ariven Planet is proud to support her charity every month by donating bulk Ariven Imperial Rice to help her feed those in need. 




Inland Empire Vegan

One of the core principals for Ariven Planet is environmental sustainability and animal welfare. We are pleased to be one of the sponsors for the Inland Empire Vegan meetup. They are a community of vegans, vegetarians, and veggie-curious folks seeking to connect with like-minds on their journey toward compassionate living. They welcome all who are interested in the vegan lifestyle, including those who may not know where to begin. No matter where you are on your journey or what your motives may be (i.e. health, environmental, spiritual, ethical, etc.), they are there to support and inspire you.



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