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At Ariven Planet, we believe the world can be changed through



We integrate 3 core principles into our business model


1. A purpose beyond profit. We feel that profit is only an

output and symptom of success, but not the cause. We know

that true success lies in helping people, society, and the planet.

Our vision is to create and replicate unique animal sanctuaries

and farms across the world that are eco-friendly and that will

nourish the Earth for future generations. We also seek to set

aside a portion of each harvest to be given to those in need.


2. A belief that businesses should do no harm, yet benefit all.

There is a delicate balance in life. We understand this balance and

pursue practices that benefit the Earth, our customers, and employees.

Beyond this, we act locally to support various local non-profits that

are currently working to make a change in the world.


3. A dedication to health-minded sustainability.

All of our products are made without the use of GMOs, chemicals,

or pesticides. We support sustainable global agricultural practices,

and use recyclable and/or biodegradable packaging in all of our 


The Ariven Commitment

Ariven Planet’s vision lies in pursuing a business model that benefits the planet, our employees, and our customers through a commitment to quality, integrity and a purpose beyond profit.


Ariven Planet is backed by The Ariven Community, a 501c(3) non-profit organization. The Ariven Community is working to create a global network of self-sustaining, eco-friendly farms that offer viable alternatives to genetically modified food and non-organic farming practices.


All of Aiven Planet's products are free from GMO's, pesticides, and chemicals.


Come explore the Ariven Difference!

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