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The Ariven Story

In our logo, the hand represents caring/compassion. The leaf represents our eco-friendly and sustainable practices while the Tamil

Aum (Om) in the middle represents the interconnectedness of all life. 


‘Ariven’ means “one who has awakened” in the Southern Indian language of Tamil.  Ariven Planet was born from a deep desire to create intelligent, self-sustaining, eco-friendly animal sanctuaries that provide the highest quality, food products for humans while nourishing the Earth for future generations. 


Ariven Planet is a creation of two founders with a dream. The first is Adiphen Bose (aka Nandhi) who has had a compassionate heart ever since he was a little boy. In his boyhood, he often saw trucks full of cows on their way to be slaughtered, and felt an ache at the cruelty of it. Apart from that, he always wondered why people had to suffer from starvation when there was so much area of land that could be used to grow crops. Nandhi’s childhood dream was to simultaneously save the lives of discarded animals while creating large, eco-friendly farms that grew all-natural foods the way nature intended; using a portion of the farm harvests to feed the hungry.


The second founder is Nandhi’s close friend, Ananda Prateeka. After Prateeka attained an undergrad degree he went into Hospitality Management. However, that was not enough. Prateeka felt the need to do more for the environment, animals, and fellow human beings. Once they saw a common place in both their dreams, they knew it was what they were intended to do together and they launched Ariven Planet. 


The Ariven Planet began in April 2013, when it established its debut model development in Southern India, near the Kerala border. Since then, both the partners have given their all to Ariven Planet, with their passions still strong regarding the welfare of the environment, animals, and human beings. Ariven Planet supports sustainable global agriculture that provides the highest-quality food products in a way that supports and nourishes the Earth.


The Ariven Planet needs you to join hands to support the environment, animals, and everyone else, so that it can achieve a better, healthier world for the future generations!

Nandhi & Prateeka

***Currently, the Ariven Sanctuary is under development and we are working with local farmers to educate them on sustainable ways of farming that will increase their yeild while nourishing the Earth. Stay tuned for more pictures and updates as the Ariven vision unfolds!***

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